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recycling of mild steel scrap in San Jose

Supraciclaje offers the service of sale and purchase of ms steel scrap in San Jose, we recycle metal scrap (ferrous and non-ferrous), steel, iron, aluminum, plastic scrap, PET, PET preform, copper, glass, cardboard and used oil (cooking oil and engine oil) from different sectors of the industry offering sale and purchase and export of scrap in USA and Canada with a big and efficient network of more than 200 associates and commercial partners along with daily transactions. Our Main focus in business is the wholesale purchase and sale of scrap for recycling, for this we count with associates in more than 300 cities in Canada and the US making our services available for big and small amounts of scrap.We purchase and sale copper (copper and tinfoil), scrap metal copper lead, nickel, zinc, titanium, brass, scrap iron, etc. We count with some of the best prices of the market and same day payment over wholesale purchase (when we receive the same the day in our facility).

How we work the purchase and sale of recycled paper in in Canada and the US

We count with coverage in all North America and personalized post-collection customer service thanks to new technological processes and an integral infrastructure that includes the planning of weekly or monthly scrap collection as required. We count with a service of recollection of industrial waste (Scrap in general) mainly in (tritured) scrap by tons of cardboard waste and mixed copper scrap. We also manage postindustrial steel scrap recycled. If you are interested into one steel scrap metal or pickup for plastics please contact us to give you immediate attention.

Sale and purchase of ms steel scrap

We also offer recycling for cardboard scrap, non ferrous scrap recycling, iron and steel scrap, scrap glass or junk tires in different industries and the government, with a network of contacts in USA and Canada that allow us to have the best service and prices in the purchase and sale of industrial scrap for recycling (at wholesale). For clearence and management of recycled cardboard scrap, scrap copper, steel scrap metal and recycled glass bottles in small amounts please refer to the Phone numbers available in the section from which this page was accessed and we will connect you with the nearest scrap collector or recycling center (if available).

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Due to our coverage, we achieved to realize projects of recycled iron in San Jose and almost every location in the US and Canada allowing us to meet the recycling needs of metals, plastics, glass and scrap in general.

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