Purchase of paper for recycling

Compra de papel usado

Purchase of paper for recycling

Although not apparent, the sale and purchase of paper it is considered as one of the best paid practices by recycling companies, this in turn is important to distinguish it from cardboard, newspaper, old books and magazines or catalogs, which in spite of being also recycling material should not be mixed. Know some data and benefits of the paper recycler:

  • The paper industry consumes about four billion trees every year. In Mexico alone, an average of 1, 200,000 tons of virgin fiber is consumed annually, not including recycling.
  • A ton of paper provides energy savings of 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 380 gallons of oil.
  • From the paper that is destroyed it is possible to recover up to 70% by recycling.

In Supraciclaje we obtain these benefits mainly for the environment through our integral service, beginning in the collection of its used paper where indicated to us, until the final processing and recycling.

Despite the constant technological progress of the last centuries, paper has not become less important, if you have a printing company, publisher, paper company or a commercial space where a lot of paper is consumed we can help you with Our service, you only have to worry about having your paper properly and we will take care of the rest.

In Supraciclaje we are prepared. We use recycling processes at the industrial level to process and transform tons of recyclable paper.

Why consider implement the purchase of paper in my business?

Although paper is sometimes considered as one of the recyclable materials with the lowest purchase value per kilogram, the space used to store the discarded paper must be taken into account, as well as the volume that can be generated from waste per month or each year, you can transform these disadvantages into benefits for your company by using our services.

The industrial landscape is constantly changing and more and more companies and industries are opting for alternatives and methods that are friendly to the environment. Stay in the forefront and make your company benefit from the purchase of paper by joining this recycling trend.