Purchase of scrap metal for recycling

Reciclaje y compra de fierro, compra de placa de acero y cinta

Purchase of scrap metal (Ferrous & non ferrous metals)

We offer the services of purchase of metals and collect of iron junk scrap:

  • Purchase of ferrous metals: iron junk and steel.
  • Non-Ferrous Metals Purchase: bronze (copper and tin), aluminum, lead, nickel, titanium, zinc and brass.

Some scrap components have an economic value and can be recycled once recovered correctly.

In Supraciclaje we have an integral service, starting in the collection of its ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal residues where it is located, until the final processing and recycling (smelting for its reuse).

We collect ferrous metal wastes which are a constant source of iron and steel scrap: scrap generated by scrapping, miscellaneous machinery, wiring, disused transport vehicles, such as trains, boats or old cars, as well as construction material and household appliances ( Kitchens, ovens, washing machines, refrigerators), among many more.

We collect non-ferrous metal waste such as: auto parts, parts for machinery in general, valves of pumps of high and low pressure, rotors, steam accessories, friction cushions, slide bars, bolts: nuts, screws and washers. Padlocks and locks, among many more.

In Supraciclaje we are prepared. We use recycling processes at the industrial level to process scrap waste.

Why consider the purchase of metals, recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals?

We collect, classify and treat all this scrap in order to reuse it in new production processes. Steel and iron (ferrous metals), like all other (non-ferrous) metals, can be recycled once their initial use has come to an end. They can be recycled virtually unlimited without losing quality, no matter what their origin. Economically, it means savings in energy terms, lower water use, and savings in the use of raw materials.

Our estimates suggest the following benefits:

  • Less energy use
  • Saving on the use of virgin materials
  • Less water use
  • Less water pollution by liquid effluents
  • Reduction in waste generation

In the recycling of steel, 1.5 tons of iron ore and half a ton of coal are saved, compared to processing with virgin material. The industrial landscape is constantly changing and more and more companies and industries are opting for alternatives and methods that are friendly to the environment. Stay ahead of the curve and have your company benefit from the purchase of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals by joining this recycling trend.