Recycling glass purchase

Reciclaje y compra de vidrio

Recycling and purchase of glass

Glass is one of the materials that are present in hundreds of industrial sectors. At Supraciclaje we are aware of recycling processes at school, residential and industrial level to process and transform tons of recyclable material into raw material suitable for the industry. Glass containers are the jewel of the world of recycling. The purchase of glass is a great saving of raw materials; it is the only material 100% recyclable.

We buy glass of different types:

Glass green, white glass, colored glass, beer topaz glass, mirror glass, extra clear glass, laminated glass, double glazed glass, safety glass, windshield glass, special glasses and much more.

In Supraciclaje we take advantage of its benefits thanks to its integral infrastructure that starts in the collection of its packaging waste and glass bottles in the indicated place, until the final processing and recycling.

Why consider implementing recycling and the sale/purchase of glass in my company?

Fortunately, glass is completely recyclable in any of its forms and presentations, as long as it is not mixed with any other material, since in the recycling process, the glass containers will be chopped to separate the adhered paper labels, cork, plastic, aluminum and iron sheets. Other contaminants that we find in the recycling of glass and are extraneous to the presentation of glass as packaging are stones, porcelain and ceramics. To separate these contaminants, we use the latest technology in camera vision and infrared machines, capable of detecting opaque impurities in the glass and rejecting them.

In addition the recycling of glass entails great benefits:

  • The energy that saves the recycling of a bottle, keeps on a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours.
  • Save raw materials and avoid the destruction of land by extraction: Recycling 3,000
  • Reduce the waste that goes to landfills.
  • We reduce air pollution by 20% by burning less fuel for new packaging.
  • Avoid the serious problem of uncontrolled spills.

The industrial landscape is always changing and more and more companies are choosing alternatives and saving methods for production costs in their industry. You also have your company benefit from the purchase of glass by joining this recycling trend.